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Harm Reduction Nurse Case Manager


Job Type

A: Full Time/32-40 Hours
B: Per Diem/Varies

About the Role

Health Innovations is seeking a Harm Reduction Nurse Case Manager to join the Health MOVES Mobile Team to provide compassionate on demand public health care including HIV/STI/Hepatitis C testing, linkage to care, PrEP, Overdose Prevention in Revere/Chelsea. The ideal candidate for this role is a compassionate and self-motivated individual who embraces the philosophy of harm reduction and is committed to delivering high quality nursing care in a low-threshold, harm reduction community environment.
The Harm Reduction Nurse Case Manager assists in the provision of direct patient care and community services in order to improve the health of the Revere/Chelsea Community. As a member of the Healthy Streets interdisciplinary team, the Harm Reduction Nurse Case Manager serves a high-density low income, multicultural, inner city community through a variety of methods including direct client care, health promotion and education, advocacy, and community development.
The Harm Reduction Nurse Case Manager will conduct assessments for those at risk for HIV, STIs, hepatitis C and overdose including members of LGBTQ communities, those actively using substances, those experiencing mental health issues, the unstably housed, and others. Service provision will include health screenings, care coordination, linkages to comprehensive primary care, substance use treatment, overdose prevention/Narcan, mental health care, PrEP, and other services.

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Under the direct supervision of the Clinical Director and general supervision of the Health MOVES Program Manager, the Harm Reduction Nurse Case Manager conducts prevention education and counseling, performs brief and comprehensive sexual, substance use/mental health risk assessment, provides preventative health screenings (HIV, STI, VHP), provides SSP/Overdose Prevention Services, and administers immunizations to underserved and at-risk populations. Facilitation of patient centered MOUD assessment with designated prescribers for clients without access to a cell phone/or who require nurse navigation during telehealth or person to person appointments (within COVID infection control guidelines).The incumbent is also responsible for delivering test results and coordinating supported referrals, including linkage to care for at risk negative patients and patients testing positive for HIV, STIs or Hepatitis C.


· Direct nursing care to ensure that all needs of the patients are met, conforming to agency policies and procedures as well as Department of Public Health regulations.
· Performs primary care nursing services to patients accessing harm reduction services through Healthy Streets, including HIV/STI/VHP prevention education, risk assessment, HIV/STI/VHP screening and vaccine administration.
· In instances of sedation, the Harm Reduction Nurse Case Manager will ensure that sedated patients are triaged and safely monitored in a supportive and compassionate environment.
· Directly deliver HIV/STI/VHP results to patients or coordinate with outside providers to deliver said results.
· Coordinate supported referrals and linkage to care for at risk negative patients.
· Coordinate supported referrals and linkage to care for positive patients, whether newly diagnosed or out of care who present on street/van/drop in.
· Work with collaborating partners and other providers, CBOs, ASOs and patients to track completion of supported referrals and document status/progress
· Follow up with patients 2-4 weeks post nurse visit on status of prevention/harm reduction plans; coincides with time frame for delivery of results, vaccination reminder calls, and status update on supported referral completion
· Provide short-term case management and health navigation during transition period for those newly diagnosed or out of care as patient awaits linkage to care appointments.
· Participation as a member of the patients’ interdisciplinary care team.
· Participates in identification of and care planning for high risk/complex care patients.
· Provide and disseminate materials such as condoms, lube, safer injection equipment, brochures, educational materials, etc. that is culturally appropriate and increases the patient’s level of awareness and understanding of HIV/STI/VHP transmission, risk and prevention strategies.
· Knowledge of opioid overdose management and brief interventions. Administer Narcan and provide Overdose Prevention Education and Enrollment to clients, members of their social networks and other providers. Accurate assessment of sedation and documentation; non-judgmental clinical support for patients who are overly sedated to prevent overdose.
· Serves as the first responder in the case of a medical emergency (when on site).
· Supportive engagement of patients with substance use disorder in a manner consistent with harm reduction principles and provides risk reduction counseling and connection to treatment programs.
· Provide basic wound care and medical assessment necessary for program participants.
· Responsible for updating and maintaining electronic medical records (EMR) for each client, data collection forms mandated by funders, flow sheets and other documentation as required.
· Participates in ongoing clinical quality improvement endeavors.
· Supervise and mentor RN students or RN volunteers during clinic sessions per collaborative agreement with Northeastern University School of Nursing
· Attend meetings, conferences and trainings to expand knowledge of HIV/STI/VHP and other co-morbid conditions and related issues and be current on new developments as required by supervisors.
· Complete all necessary paperwork, medical record documentation, and reporting requirements in a timely fashion.
· Establish and maintain a good rapport and harmonious relationships with staff, patients, other program staff and collaborating partner agency/program staff.
· Execute duties to reflect reasonable safety standards; universal/standard precautions must be utilized, and training obtained in areas that constitute risk.
· Perform other related work duties as needed or as required by supervisor or designee.

• Maintains a direct line of communication with Clinical Director and Healthy Streets Program Director/Staff
• Maintains a professional demeanor when interacting with program participants/colleagues/supervisors
• Utilize motivational interviewing techniques to align with patients and help inspire change
• Maintains the standards of accurate and complete recording and reporting ensuring that the clinical record for each patient is current and accurate.
· Attends program staff meetings and clinical supervision

• Comfortable with street- based practice and outreach to mobile sites.
• Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted or changed to meet program needs, at the discretion of the Clinical Director


(A) Full-time/32-40 hours: ANNUAL SALARY: $58,000-$72,000 BENEFIT ELIGIBLE POSITION: Yes

Please send your resume and letter of interest to the attention of Susana Medeiros, Executive Director
Mail: Health Innovations
1193R North Main St.
Randolph, MA 02368



1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from an accredited university.


1. Licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) by the Massachusetts Board of Nurse Examiners.

2. ACRN Certification preferred but not required.

3. MDPH OHA Certifications preferred: Fundamentals of HIV/AIDS, Behavioral Risk Assessment, HIV

4. Valid Nursing Liability Insurance Policy required


1. Minimum of 2 years’ nursing experience is required, in a community setting or combination of community and hospital or public health settings.

2. Experience in primary care within a street/outreach nursing setting is an asset.

3. Prior experience in public health, community health center, substance abuse, mental health or communicable/infectious disease is preferred.

4. Familiarity with Harm Reduction principles strongly desired.

5. Phlebotomy experience preferred but not required.


1. Experienced with Microsoft Office Suite.

2. Excellent data entry skills.

3. Experience with EHR/EMR


1. Ability to speak Spanish is strongly preferred.

2. Capable of exercising independent judgment in planning and implementation of daily activities.

3. Proficiency in patient education/counseling.

4. Proficiency in administration of IM medications is required.

5. Strong organizational and communication (written and verbal) skills required.

6. Experience working with racialized populations, women who engage in sex work, prisoners/ex-prisoners, people with mental health challenges and people who have experienced trauma is an asset.

7. Understanding of anti-oppression principles and ability to work effectively with people of various ages and cultural and socio-economic backgrounds

8. Ability to be flexible and work days, evenings and weekends as required.


1. Valid Driver’s License and dependable means of transportation.

2. Ability to travel to statewide clinic sites, meetings, trainings.

3. Ability to travel to provide health navigation/medical escorting for patients as required.


· CORI Required


1. The ability to lift and transfer materials up to 25 lbs. is required.

About the Company

Health Innovations is committed to equity in our hiring and employment practices. Applications are encouraged from qualified individuals who are BIPOC, individuals of diverse sexual orientation and gender identification and persons with disabilities.

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